Keeping Gundam Wing Fandom Alive

Welcome to the Wingverse!

This is a new in-development Gundam Wing fan site/mini-social network where us remaining stragglers of a dying fanbase can band together and pool our fandom contributions. While still very much a work-in-progess, I hope to build it into one of the most comprehensive archives of GW-related fan material (artwork, fiction, videos, etc) and also to use it as a syndication platform for user-contributed content from any remaining artists and authors who would like to reach a wider audience.

Ideally, we can consolidate all the remaining GW fans in one community so we can:

  1. Talk about how awesome Gundam Wing is
  2. Fuel each others’ addiction
  3. Discover awesome new fanart and fiction
  4. Provide feedback to artists, which will hopefully encourage them to keep creating new content. :)

Even if this site never takes off as a network, I still would like to compile all the awesome old fan-created content that’s floating around other there in the interweb-ether, so it won’t be lonely and can be easily referenced. By posterity. ;)

If any wingnuts find this site before it officially “goes live” feel free to register an account or drop me a line. I’m always in search of:

  • Any GW fanworks recs, old or new
  • Links to active GW fan/fanwork contributor websites, dA accounts, LJs, etc
  • Anyone who would like to help with the development & testing of this site — I could use help working out the category/tagging system for fanfic, forum categories, feature suggestions, someone to talk about GW with so I don’t feel like such a weirdo, basically anything would be helpful :)

Thanks for stopping by!