Big News!

Okay not really. But I was reading the GW-related comments on someone’s blog earlier today and was really nailed by the comment (paraphrasing) “I don’t necessarily look for the same things in fanfics now at 31 that I did at 18”. Thirty-one, wow. Not digging the age, but 18 to 31 is a big jump, […]


I accidentally deleted the Wingverse MySQL database. x__x But, then I discovered a backup! 😀 Makes me realize that I still care about this place and really do want to expand it into something awesome. Here’s to hoping for free time in the near future. (My god, isn’t that logo magnificent?)

Frozen Teardrop

I’ve just finished reading Frozen Teardrop up to (I think) Ch. 15-ish and by god am I hooked. I remember thinking when I first read the prologue a year or so ago, as many people apparently did, “Man this reads like bad fan fiction..” However, despite the undeniable preposterousness of the “everyone is related” backstory […]


Use multiple loop templates for displaying content only from certain categories. For example, images fall under the Gallery category, with all relevant subdivision being done with nested subcategories of that main category. So: Gallery > Fanart > Post [Somehow associate with user account] Fanfics > Genre > Post [ditto on above bracket] Some considerations: – […]