Frozen Teardrop

I’ve just finished reading Frozen Teardrop up to (I think) Ch. 15-ish and by god am I hooked. I remember thinking when I first read the prologue a year or so ago, as many people apparently did, “Man this reads like bad fan fiction..” However, despite the undeniable preposterousness of the “everyone is related” backstory and the “we decided to advance the story 25 years but effectively carbon copied all the original cast members” premise, the story so far is quite enjoyable.

Unfortunately the author of the translation I’ve been reading has had the drop the project for the time being (and possibly for good) so now I’m scrambling around trying to figure out how I can keep up with it in the meantime. So far my options as I see them seem to be are:

  • Find someone who gets Gundam Ace magazine and beg them for scans, then find someone else to translate the scans for me;
  • Beg Deacon Blues to post translations despite his admitted contempt for the storyline;
  • Get my own subscription to Gundam Ace, make my own scans of the material, and find someone to translate them for me;
  • Acquire copies of the source text through any of the aforementioned means, then learn Japanese and translate them myself. /lol

Ah, the perils of die-hard fandom…


On an unrelated note, the site officially had it’s first encounter with a spam/splog registration. How exciting! 😀 Makes me feel imporant somehow, plus I took great pleasure in how easy it was to flag the account with the help of all the nifty anti-spam safeguards I have in place (although this does bode fairly ill for the Captcha incorporated into the registration page. Hmm…)

Other than that, all my devious machinations are still in their preliminary stages, so I’ll post back with more (plus general FT info/resources) in due time.

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