Random Update Just Because

Site is coming along nicely. I’m starting to get the hang of BuddyPress, and my opinion of the BuddyBoss template is definitely improving as I begin to understand more about child themes and such.

Got a temporary logo and favicon installed that I think look pretty schweet. X) (Props to H.I.N.T. for the awesome and fandom-famous GW pilot sprites.) They’re the first in what will hopefully be a long line of visual customizations I’ll make to the layout (probably in the form of a child theme, which will take a bit longer since I have < any experience with them.) Also have a rough plan for how to implement the massive effing GW gallery and fic archive I’ve been envisioning ever since I combined the words “Wing” and “Verse”, so will be moving on getting something workable online asap.

I wonder if there’s really enough of us left out there to really make use of this site, or if it will end up just being one gigantic BP familiarization exercise. Whatever the reality, I have high hopes. 😀

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