zomg Hi Wingverse!

It’s been three weeks already since we last met, and how I miss you so. ^^ I get all stupidly excited at this retarded project of mine every time I think about it, but I’m working on a move atm and will possibly have to elude the government at some point in the near future, so might be a bit until I get back on the horse in earnest.

In the meantime, since the “official” archiving/reccing system is still quite far off, I want to shout out to some awesome fics (and their lovely authors) that I’ve found recently since they deserve it, as well as some old favorites that come to mind since they also deserve it.

** Most All of these are 3×4, since that’s always been my shit. ^^ I’m branching out now, I swear, but I kind of tend to get -_- at seeing 3 & 4 not ending up happily ever after, hehehe


  • Padam by thiskatkicks (Kat’s own summary says it best: “A story of Quatre’s genius, Trowa’s observations, Édith Piaf’s music, and a few very complicated relationships.”  Gorgeous story, a WIP but recently updated! Yay!) [Active in the fandom!]
  • Launch by TB (a recently discovered new favorite author, Launch is a post-canon multi-part with a first rate plot, masterful pacing, excellent characterization and (running out of praiseful adjectives here), well, it’s just totally bitching in every way. Also, Soft Focus by her is a wonderful one shot that’s damn near perfect, another one of my favorite-ever fics. Oh, and if you enjoy the show Fringe then you’ll looooove Lemuria. Okay okay, I’m done!)  [Active in the fandom!]
  • Plastic  by kuroiyousei (a fairly light AU involving curses and magic in an otherwise modern (our time line) everyday setting. Lonnnnng, solidly written, and a very satisfying read. Still haven’t looked at kuroiyousei’s other stuff yet.)  [Active in the fandom! (I think!)]
  • Can’t Not by Gloria B (Quatre-centric with an amazing take on his character and his genius. I’m too wooden to summarize it with any justice — just, really really enjoyed this one.)
  • Most stuff by Raletha (one of my favorite authors back in the day, though it’s been so long that a reread of her work is definitely in order. As always, holding out hope that she’ll one day wrap up Pretty Electric^.^ Also, Raletha, if you ever see this and would like a new host for Serendipity, even if only as an ne’er-to-be-updated-again legacy archive, WingVerse has your back!) [Hopefully may once again be active in the fandom at some point in the future 😀]
  • Most stuff by Alexe Cinz (I looooooove this guy’s work, both artwork and fan fics — ANATEXIS is one of my favorite GW fics of all time, and Those Who Lay Eyes on a Gundam is just… epic beyond words. Also on his site: Ascent and The Persistance of Memory, which are both strange and haunting, and The Templar Beauséant, an incomplete masterpiece.)
  • Most stuff by Lorena (that’s the best link I can find for her offhand, since she’s been gone from the fandom for many years. I think my favorite story by her was Bean Sidhe – an absolutely stunning and wonderfully creepy period fic in her characteristically godly writing style, though tragically it’s incomplete. I don’t know of anywhere it’s archived online, except maybe that old Yahoo fan.. group.. thingy… or w/e you call them, but I’d be happy to send what I have saved to anyone who’s interested.)
  • Shrapnel by Sol 1056 (a short 3-part get-together fic taking place 20 years post-series (I think EW is disregarded). Everything about this story just glows, and the writing is so powerful and phenomenal. I’m terrible with words, lol. Also looking forward to reading Nothing Like the Sun and many others by Sol!)

I really need to go give these wonderful people the feedback they deserve. 🙂

  • Oh oh, and Alleyprowler!! Never Turn Your Back on the Sea is a wonderful multi-part post-canon that I honestly don’t remember much about since I read it years ago, but I distinctly recall it being brilliant. Cancel is another fantastic one that I’ve read, but it’s very very heavy.

I have to stop now. 😀

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